…that she may rest from the tribulations of this world.



You own the oil

We tilth the soil

We built the alter

You will the scepter

We say the prayer:

Let every toil by karma repay

‘Amen Lord!’ you answer


Look up to kismet countrymen

With our sweat soaked faces

We shall sniff clear our nostrils

With your watery-spring tongue

You will lick your nostrils

For your hands are too dirty

Nor your face any sweaty


Alpha E. Y. 2018

The Land’s Libation. (In memory of the bloods spilled in Benue State, Nigeria)

The masquerades were beckoned again

To dance rhyme-less cha-cha-cha of bane

Traced by blood-dripping leaves

It led to the theatrical abattoir

Where an acapella of clanging knives

Echoed like symphony of a mass choir

Our pregnancy protruded to see

When the holy choragus sings

In a rage of spilling blood

It gushed in a shimmery flood

With our heart’s purgation

We poured the land’s libation


Alpha E. Y. 2018


On my life’s petals, wide and red

Your memories beam my dear friend

Like fireflies twinkle in the dark

Your smile winkles on my heart


You wrote in a night’s tale

A compendium of our lives fairy tales

You grew in flickering moments

Roses of our lives better days


The wrinkles on your senescent face

Will not blur your enamouring place

On the corridors of my journey’s end

I’ll hold your hand through every bend


Alpha Enoch Yamush



Time slept

Madiba crept

Needling tunnels

For Soweto


Our polished fathers yawned

Ate light off each day

And cuddled at nights

Sucking and gulping

Mother’s bustling milk

And slept on silk


When time arose

Soweto jingled tambourines

We only glared

Licked like Almajiris

Wishing food crumbs

Tables never freed


When time arose

Madiba lay aloft

Munching world praises

They laid still

Perhaps, dustless in peace


Alpha Enoch Yamush 2017©



Greater than treaties.
We won our freedom
But lost our people.
Successions of pogroms,
Rebirths of riddles.

The atmosphere
Was fair,
Full of promises,
Like Noah’s rainbow.
On a platter it rippled
Yet we lost our people.

All gone astray,
Wondering in ambition.
In lies they pray
It gives them satisfaction.
They untie to us snakes
And close their gates.

Every four years,
They work tirelessly.
With sweat and tears.
I tell you very fiercely.
Setting time bombs,
While they fly abroad.


Alpha Enoch Yamush 2017©

My Dangling Memories


My dangling memories of yesterday
Dangles like a spider to a web string
It haunts me from a distance faraway
Will my hanging from a noose, freedom bring?

My heart-beat now a heated steam
That emits vapours of tears from deep within
My sight blurs at the face of love
When from the groans of a birthing mother it pours

All I know is the sordid lesson it bought
When for my innocent heart love I sought
Without discretion my heart it burnt
Alas, love burnt but loved me not.

Alpha Enoch Yamush 2017©


Every part of our roof leaks
Our refuge is the space from one leak to the other
The drops on us, burn like trickles of magma
Heated by our fury for vengeance
At the clouds that gave us the rain

Our trees are falling
On our dogged shoulders they lean
For their falls to us is an out-pouring
Of the boiling sun
Heated by our fury for vengeance
At the years that grew them tall

Farewell our blighted farms we bade
To fallow from home, we sailed
To greener lands unknown
Now, nothing to call our own
Baba, may I beckon a Versed Emissary?
Once immersed in the blood of Abel
Or await your dreams so fairy?
And languish in this misery?

Alpha E. Y. 2017©