In this putrid land of ours
The stars have gone blind
The moon too does not mind
That men are butchered at night
The sun scorches us on arid lands,
Yet when on our haggard bones we lie
The galaxy conspire to be their light

The palm trees stand high at ease
While the Iroko trees dance quietly
To the swaying sound of gentle breeze
Even friendly grasses path sluggishly
For evil men to walk through joyfully
The sun scorches us on arid lands
Yet when on our haggard bones we lie
The forest conspire to be their ally

The rivers are now quiet and still
They no longer flood to wash the land
Of decaying carcass and clotted blood
The rivers are now slow and shallow
To swallow men with blood dripping feet
The sun scorches us on arid lands
Yet when on our weary backs we laid
Upon the quiet waters they all sailed

In this putrid land of ours
Every grass is a mournful flower
A tale of people buried to fate
Betrayed by the place we call home
Our fairy tales now sour and stale
But does God ever hear our groan

Must every blood in this nation
Be poured as the land’s libation?
Must every blood in this nation
Be poured as the land’s libation?

Alpha E. Y. 21/04/22


So she was in her last few days
Like a child with a strong memory of home 
Sold to a distant land to be raised 
She always stood numb as she gazed 
As though she saw her life slip before her eyes
Distracted by a smile not so hard to find
Her tender skin made it uneasy to trace
The words with which to count her losses and gain
She wore an innocence that carried a face
Shielding a heart that was full of pain
With a blurry eyes she stretched to see
A future that now strayed too far to feel
Her footprints became so light and few
And were washed away by the wind that blew.

Alpha E. Y. 22/3/2022


Find the courage to go the long walk back

Take a walk back through solitude

Travel alone to your childhood

When your innocence defined your beauty

When like a prodigal son

       You strayed in a hurry

If you find a lone grassy plain

Find the courage to go back

Look carefully on ruffled leaves

The slow fading marks

           Of your footprints

If they are ashamed to lead you home

Do not blur your eyes with tears of regret

Like a blind man you can go nowhere alone

Walk the quiet unfamiliar road, lest you forget

Wave the best choices your lustful eyes betrayed

Those whom you kissed with the tongue of Judas

Say sorry dear friends I was wrong to have strayed

My heart is heavy with flooding rivers

Bow to the mocking whispers of singing birds

Pat the flowers your boastful legs trampled

The imperfections for which your mouth grumbled

Say I have seen for myself the woeful end of beauty

There is nothing new under the sun,

      It is only arbitrary

Alpha E. Y. (2021)


One day, and just one day

Like a pebble drowning in the sea

You will be so small for love to see

While you worship your glittering beauty

Remember the envy in time’s ticking

You could smile and toss your tricky dimple

But soon, every young skin shall wrinkle

If the stones you throw all together rhyme

Learn to soon glue this broken glass of mine

From its piercing cuts you may bleed in hurt

But like a mirror, it’ll tell if you’re right or wrong.

Alpha E. Y. 2020©


Forgive my weary and impatient thoughts
But I’ve not been able to paint you with words
The kind that adorns with sweetening tongue
For around you, my fairy and dancing Lilly
Is a clutter, of sharp and pointy thorns
It is for you, a coat of many colours
That wheedles me, into a snare of endless torture

On this toddling sands of time
I shall engrave my epiphanic lines

The wonder that awed my mortal mind
Was like the path through a glittering mirror
It showed yesterday, a mirage for tomorrow
You were only a coloured reflection on water
The scorn in your heart, truly did not matter

Around you, my fairy and dancing Lilly
Is a clutter, of sharp and pointy thorns
It is for you a coat of many colours
That wheedled me, into a snare of endless torture

Alpha E. Y. 2020

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I’ll try to paint a portrait of you
Under the pale rays of these twinkling stars
Since the memories of us are few
I’ll recall the dearest to my aging heart

Your gentle voice,
Like a soothing air it came
The melody of seraphs
When you said my name

Your laughter,
Cajoled my broken trust
It was in symphony
With an honest heart
Alas! You are, the only sapphire
Chorused in dreams, of biting lips.

Alpha E. Y.


While this dancing waters wheedled you away
I grew weary of waving on shimmery nights
I walked to trace the ripples of your footprints
I couldn’t wean too soon my toddling promises
In this world of colours and reflection
Ours is a tale of Frodo and Samwise Gamjee
I am cuddled by the freezing arms of this sea
Like an eager urge of a starving Kingfisher
Every bubble teases my wondering eyes
Another fairy mirage from my trickling tears
I am mounted by overwhelming fears
I am now to it a beast of burden
The earth beneath this heavy waters is sinking
But sail Ami, in the lofty care of our friendship
If the mighty Titanic is not a worthy ship
Sail Ami, in the lofty care of our friendship

Alpha E. Y. 2019©


Under the pale shade of the palm tree
You sang me woeful lullabies
Drops of saliva sprang into my swollen eyes
I rubbed them in innocence and love
Like a mother chopping onion bulbs
In the haze of my flickering sight
Baba, I saw you spit from two gapped teeth
It wasn’t a tribute to the wrinkles on your face
It made me blind, I lost my way home
I became a tourist in my own village
Feeling the rough touch of mud walls
Feeling the gentle touch of every leaf
For the glimpse of joy, familiarity brings
But in every gloom and darkening cloud
Comes the freezing showers of epiphany
It was a smirking laughter in your tear
Like thorns among lilies they stand tall
In God’s name you lie without fear
With eloquence you suck the Psalms of David
For the scurvy sermons you preached
The pot holes mock you in the market square
Everyone in the village knows
The arrow that killed mother
Was not shot from afar
It came rattling like the black mamba
It pierced, when she turned her back
She trembled and sobbed for days
Tattered, on the murky earth she laid
Dirges were sang by honourable men
Who nursed her wounds in dark tents
For the good men they were
Her bustling milk they shared.

Alpha E. Y.          2019©


What manner of peace senseless wars bring?
When the unity in hovering vultures man’s discord springs
While each enemy gets slain to the ground
Upon our woeful heads, vultures wear their crowns

But the lion that feeds on its cubs
Shall wrestle the jungle alone

When we become weary of burying
We begin to rare vultures for turkeys
They shall rid the earth of sticky carcasses
And as well rid our stomachs of gluttony

But the lion that feeds on its cubs
Shall wrestle the jungle alone

For a token of shame
We traded our wretched names
With gittery dancing tongues
We licked it off the wall of fame

But the lion that feeds on its cubs
Shall wrestle the jungle alone


Alpha E. Y. 2018©