“… We lacked a simple of:
Which side is of the Egyptians?
Which is of the Israelites?

We limped through a hot dreary yesterday
Haggard weary and thirsty,
Bring us upon a milky pathway, we prayed.
From a distance so misty,
We saw a pitched black smoke
Rise a wall, high up to heaven
It wore a floating crown of eagles.
From the other side,
We heard echoes of wailings alike:
“Bring us upon a milky pathway they prayed”
As we hoped and waited
The eagles picked us by each moment
We lacked a simple knowledge of:
Which side is of the Egyptians?
Which is of the Israelites?

Alpha E.Y. 2017©



Dear brother,
I doff my cap for you.
Thinking of our days together,
I see your follies are few.
In difficulties and scourging hunger,
Your silent courage
Whispers hopes of laughter.
Dear brother,
Pill with me through life’s foliage,
Let us with pride count every mileage
As our dreams grow yonder.
Dear brother,
I cannot grow any younger
But I wish we breathe forever.

By Alpha E. Y. 2017©


Say to Madiba,
We watched our flaring avarice
Lick the zenith of chimneys,
Condensed sooth flakes on our heads
And rained Tuta Absoluta,
That blighted the tomatoes of Zanzibar.

Say again to Madiba,
We fanned our flaring Avarice
It coated red our carved pipes.
We puffed our day-light into haziness,
Until we smoked our brains to aridness.

Read my missive to Madiba
Tell the salinity of our tears.
We watched our lustful avarice,
Wheedle a barren maiden.
A futile wantonness
That shrank our testicles
Into juiceless dabin’nos.

But also account to Madiba
The palm trees did not fall with the Irokos
The palm wine tapper said so
From the marshy homes of Ikiriko
We only drank to stupor
And when Nkwor market sees no light
We shall all go back home.

By Alpha E. Y.  2017©


Empty Shadows in discord
Casting dark replicas
As unclean as Erebus.
Shrouded in sulphate
But translucent in Euphrates.

In a teary dusk we saw
Cascading rufescent
Cuddle mountains into parapets.
In a teary dusk we saw
Moon darting horny suns
Silent tears of bleeding crimson.

Empty shadows in discord
All cast to the sea
Discombobulated in hasty but hazy triumphs
Like Pisces trapped in fiords

Tilth us all in one ridge
Cry all in one ditch
Up from a crossing bridge
Tune dear brother a single pitch

Alpha E.Y . 2016©


Here at last on the shores of time
Ripples of memories our love brings.
With the trickle of every tear,
With sunken eyes of laden grief,
I shall wave with joy our moments of brief.

Yet, my lost Alphamira
As ageless as the star
You remain dear to my heart
We may be as the earth to the dodging skies
Our hearts are as water upon another
One no death can filter nor can time can sever
Oh My dear Alphamira ….

By Alpha E. Y.  2016©

MALPIGHIA OBOVATA (Dedicated to the Children of Soweto)


Defenders of the moisture of 1974,
Lost deep in the labyrinth of wars
As ruffled as the rains.
Yet, the heart thirst no water
Like the Malpighia Obovata.
Out from Tsietsi Mashinini,
Thousands from Naledi,
Sang a voice of Malady.

The sun begged asylum in the moon,
The clouds in the stars,
The galaxy lost hierarchy
And hence poured rhymless elegies of penury.

Mornings courted nights
Like the cataclysmic tale of Jocasta
Juicing out violently
Dew of tears.
Salty, robust of flu it came
Like an accursed volcano,
It flooded away the pen,
Yet left carcass on streets crew,
Country or den?

Great chicks of the South!
Lights of Mandela!
Heirs of ferocious Mzilikazi!
Painting the face of history,
Are your names.
Like the patterned face of drought,
Your days engrave,
The hearts, of the never ageing Kalahari.


By Alpha E. Y. 2016©


I will write rights
Of tears and plight.
Through dewy seasons,
For bleeding reasons.
We sat in flowery rainbows,
Cascading petals,
With no tomorrows,
In missing shadows.

Momma it’s my tear,
I saw a peer,
An aura of celestials
Queen of seraphs
Iris amidst roses
Like God before muses.

Tell my night
I shall write right
The set of lies
Called history.
Incubating cries
Tells his-tory.

Alpha E. Y.  2016©


I was not eighteen
But was sent to jail
A social dungeon
That made me a dragon

I was not eighteen
My birth was rushed
My parents were sixteen
So I was flushed

I was not eighteen
So I could not walk
Aunty carried me
But in her laps

I was not eighteen
Made a good boy
Or a good toy
Delivering cigarettes

I was not eighteen
So I had no room
I learnt the rules
I called my friend
To try the night

I am not eighteen
But my father’s mate
I take what he takes
Don’t call me a tout
It is just a stout

A juvenile?
It was worthwhile
Teetotaling was a taboo
It was our promise land
Call it Egypt
It was all at hand

I was not eighteen
But sent to jail
Social dungeon
Sign my bail
Or call me a dragon.


By Alpha E. Y.  2016©


My face is masked in dust
My path shrouded by my wrinkled age
Bring my weary bones to dusk
End my eyes the dripping sores of today
I am tired of regurgitating rotten relic
I wish to relinquish a spilling rage
Take me to the sea
I care little of the snow flakes
Let it crack still my hair strands
Make shrill my voice
Imbrue my haggard coat
I will still sing bold
The crest is greener on the other side
Take me home
Where I shall sleep with peacocks
Where my name will fly like eagles
Where my fossils will remain golden

By Alpha E. Y. 2016©