Find the courage to go the long walk back

Take a walk back through solitude

Travel alone to your childhood

When your innocence defined your beauty

When like a prodigal son

       You strayed in a hurry

If you find a lone grassy plain

Find the courage to go back

Look carefully on ruffled leaves

The slow fading marks

           Of your footprints

If they are ashamed to lead you home

Do not blur your eyes with tears of regret

Like a blind man you can go nowhere alone

Walk the quiet unfamiliar road, lest you forget

Wave the best choices your lustful eyes betrayed

Those whom you kissed with the tongue of Judas

Say sorry dear friends I was wrong to have strayed

My heart is heavy with flooding rivers

Bow to the mocking whispers of singing birds

Pat the flowers your boastful legs trampled

The imperfections for which your mouth grumbled

Say I have seen for myself the woeful end of beauty

There is nothing new under the sun,

      It is only arbitrary

Alpha E. Y. (2021)

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