Every single leaf we smoke for opium
To wade across the river of shame
Yet, we lurch through every mire
Seven times; a mirage for Jordan River
Even our conscience is hypnotized
By the alluring thirst of the forbidden fruit
Alas! There shall come the Master’s call
What leaf, shall hide Adam’s fall?
But to squabble for shredded petals
That withers in the scorching sun
Not a bloom, will glow at dusk
It is a land where crickets creak:
“Screak, screech” all that they see
Where will be our haven
For the stars have eyes that twinkle
Nature’s beauty was not made to wrinkle
Upon the epitaph of Madiba’s tomb
We worshipped with the tip of our tongues
With deep reverence to the Pauper’s honour
That it will be our only fortress!
When one day, the golden robes
Forsake our wretched skins.

Alpha E. Y. 2018©

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