The Loss of Integrity; the Peril of my People

            The notion of integrity tells of an unquantifiable honour that guards the decisions, choices, thoughts and actions of an individual. It further extends to mean a virtue that is not easily broken by lust, avarice, fear and material trivialities that form shackles chaining men of feeble hearts.
Given such strict and uncompromising criteria to be attained before one could be crowned a character of integrity, explains clearly, the wonders why we hardly find such figures in a world of material quality such as ours. A world where the quest for power breeds avarice puffed up with vanity and hence, the need to satisfy personal interest leaves integrity lying still, down the tombs of the man Jesus, Mandella, Prophet Mohammed, Ghandhi, Kenyatta, Saro Wiwa, Luther King Jr. and very few others who knew, lived and taught the perfect ideals of integrity.
Consequent upon the above is cogently delineated in our regular but slippery steps upon the path to a sustainable development, and a consolidated democracy as a people. Lack of integrity in the hearts of those who wheel the seats of power in Nigeria has not only brought about economic, social and political retrogression but has mocked consistently, the nationalism of our founding fathers. It need not be emphasized that what we have at hand as a country is what George Lamming calls “a group of people marooned into a cocoon of confusion.” A group of people without a worthy yesterday to beget a map for a better tomorrow and a multicultural arrangement with no unifying cause.
However, amidst the cloudy ray that is left of our sight, we can begin to be Nigerians with hearts if gold, one wrapped in glitering foils of honour. Only then can we stand the tribulation of our times, and work towards writing right, the wrongs of our past. This alone will engrave our hearts on the agelessness of time.

Alpha E. Y. 2017©

One thought on “The Loss of Integrity; the Peril of my People

  1. This is the umpteenth time I’m perusing this piece. I feel I owe this concise essay my remark. Indeed you’ve said a lot, dear friend. We shall strive towards regaining back our integrity. Merci beaucoup.

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