MALPIGHIA OBOVATA (Dedicated to the Children of Soweto)


Defenders of the moisture of 1974,
Lost deep in the labyrinth of wars
As ruffled as the rains.
Yet, the heart thirst no water
Like the Malpighia Obovata.
Out from Tsietsi Mashinini,
Thousands from Naledi,
Sang a voice of Malady.

The sun begged asylum in the moon,
The clouds in the stars,
The galaxy lost hierarchy
And hence poured rhymless elegies of penury.

Mornings courted nights
Like the cataclysmic tale of Jocasta
Juicing out violently
Dew of tears.
Salty, robust of flu it came
Like an accursed volcano,
It flooded away the pen,
Yet left carcass on streets crew,
Country or den?

Great chicks of the South!
Lights of Mandela!
Heirs of ferocious Mzilikazi!
Painting the face of history,
Are your names.
Like the patterned face of drought,
Your days engrave,
The hearts, of the never ageing Kalahari.


By Alpha E. Y. 2016©

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