One day, and just one day

Like a pebble drowning in the sea

You will be so small for love to see

While you worship your glittering beauty

Remember the envy in time’s ticking

You could smile and toss your tricky dimple

But soon, every young skin shall wrinkle

If the stones you throw all together rhyme

Learn to soon glue this broken glass of mine

From its piercing cuts you may bleed in hurt

But like a mirror, it’ll tell if you’re right or wrong.

Alpha E. Y. 2020©


Forgive my weary and impatient thoughts
But I’ve not been able to paint you with words
The kind that adorns with sweetening tongue
For around you, my fairy and dancing Lilly
Is a clutter, of sharp and pointy thorns
It is for you, a coat of many colours
That wheedles me, into a snare of endless torture

On this toddling sands of time
I shall engrave my epiphanic lines

The wonder that awed my mortal mind
Was like the path through a glittering mirror
It showed yesterday, a mirage for tomorrow
You were only a coloured reflection on water
The scorn in your heart, truly did not matter

Around you, my fairy and dancing Lilly
Is a clutter, of sharp and pointy thorns
It is for you a coat of many colours
That wheedled me, into a snare of endless torture

Alpha E. Y. 2020

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The Memories We Lost

Part One

The news flashed in snippets with the usual identity of a truthful lie. It breezed through our nonchalant ears like a hasty wind. The story jumbled from one narrator to the other and soon, wore a regalia that matched the inner perspective of each narrator. It was a long tale of a ruthless animal. It had a thirsty urge for not leaving any carcass behind. It fed virtually on everything. Its bloodthirsty spree had no match. It is easier to say nothing satisfied it.

It was difficult to tell the height of its ruthlessness because only the younger generation spoke of it. You would think their young imaginations presented clearer images of the horrors of this beast. The old folks in our village only sighed. The sigh left you puzzled as though a rhetorical question had pricked your countenance. You could see in their reluctance the very irritation that shaded their memories. It seemed like a lost cause telling of this impending doom. You could almost think they are scared of this beast. But truly, they only betrayed our naive and curious imaginations. It was such that you couldn’t see beyond the scrambled details your little box of memory carried. Only the horror caused you to wonder.

The news soon faded into rumours. It hardly sounded more than whispers when spoken of. Some simply joked about it while others carried its condensed suspense about their daily lives. It came to pass when on a certain night, my bosom friend Aklo, scared the ghost out of me. It was on a night mama sent me to get some malaria drugs from Banda. I walked briskly under a clutter of breezing mango trees. The heavy December winds made the trees restless. It was as though they were roaring. They simply were, as it was difficult for my terrified nerves to think otherwise. Rotten mango fruits also conspired against me. They kept dropping from all angles. It was then that the image of this terrific beast became more real than ever. It made me shiver at punctuated intervals. My eyes wouldn’t stop flickering around to catch any monster coming upon me.

As though a divine eyes watched me ridiculed in my sympathetic state, the trees gradually calmed down momentarily. I could see the end of the trees open into the mild rays of the moonlight. My fears grew lighter as my legs became almost steady in their steps.
My boldness was itself consumed and short-lived. As I walked past the passage which formed a gate out of the dark trees, Aklo simply killed me. He dashed out of the bush like a disgruntled idiot. I hardly had the chance to analyse the form of danger. It was all about saving the last piece of life left in me. Amazingly, my legs were steadier in their speed through the opposite direction. I ran through the dry grassy plains, finding the least passage to safety possible. Every part of my body sought to save my dying breath. While my panting breath parted my widening mouth, my voice called out to my aged mother: “Mama Yo…Mama yo!”. My hands only responded to the orders of my legs.

I had not run more than a distance of about four hundred metres before Baba Akandi called out to Aklo . “Aklo! Aklo!, you little rascal, where is the pack of cigarettes I sent you to buy?” It was then I stopped abruptly, paralysed in disappointment. Breathing heavily, I could not do more than stare at him on a bended back with my hands glued to my knees. I was mad to fury but had no strength to chase him. The mockery from his laughter forced me to laugh too as I forced my weight on our corrugated metal door. “Why are you panting like a dog” mama queried?” I still had no strength to answer. I simply passed her the malaria drugs for Tamen, my youngest sister….

Alpha E. Y. 2019©


I’ll try to paint a portrait of you
Under the pale rays of these twinkling stars
Since the memories of us are few
I’ll recall the dearest to my aging heart

Your gentle voice,
Like a soothing air it came
The melody of seraphs
When you said my name

Your laughter,
Cajoled my broken trust
It was in symphony
With an honest heart
Alas! You are, the only sapphire
Chorused in dreams, of biting lips.

Alpha E. Y.


While this dancing waters wheedled you away
I grew weary of waving on shimmery nights
I walked to trace the ripples of your footprints
I couldn’t wean too soon my toddling promises
In this world of colours and reflection
Ours is a tale of Frodo and Samwise Gamjee
I am cuddled by the freezing arms of this sea
Like an eager urge of a starving Kingfisher
Every bubble teases my wondering eyes
Another fairy mirage from my trickling tears
I am mounted by overwhelming fears
I am now to it a beast of burden
The earth beneath this heavy waters is sinking
But sail Ami, in the lofty care of our friendship
If the mighty Titanic is not a worthy ship
Sail Ami, in the lofty care of our friendship

Alpha E. Y. 2019©


Under the pale shade of the palm tree
You sang me woeful lullabies
Drops of saliva sprang into my swollen eyes
I rubbed them in innocence and love
Like a mother chopping onion bulbs
In the haze of my flickering sight
Baba, I saw you spit from two gapped teeth
It wasn’t a tribute to the wrinkles on your face
It made me blind, I lost my way home
I became a tourist in my own village
Feeling the rough touch of mud walls
Feeling the gentle touch of every leaf
For the glimpse of joy, familiarity brings
But in every gloom and darkening cloud
Comes the freezing showers of epiphany
It was a smirking laughter in your tear
Like thorns among lilies they stand tall
In God’s name you lie without fear
With eloquence you suck the Psalms of David
For the scurvy sermons you preached
The pot holes mock you in the market square
Everyone in the village knows
The arrow that killed mother
Was not shot from afar
It came rattling like the black mamba
It pierced, when she turned her back
She trembled and sobbed for days
Tattered, on the murky earth she laid
Dirges were sang by honourable men
Who nursed her wounds in dark tents
For the good men they were
Her bustling milk they shared.

Alpha E. Y.          2019©


The wonders that awe the mortal mind

Is like the pathway in a glittering mirror

It shows yesterday, a mirage for tomorrow

When beauty is a coloured reflection on water

                              The heart, truly does not matter

Alpha E. Y.